Stock Up on Eggs From Our Farm

Stock Up on Eggs From Our Farm

Don't get it scrambled- our eggs are the best you've had

At Ornery Rooster Farm, we know that happy hens lay the best eggs. Our chickens are free to roam rather than being kept in cages. You can rest assured that the hens on our farm are comfortable and happy when laying eggs. We feed them high-quality chicken feed without any hormones added.

You can order your eggs by the dozen and have them delivered or pick them up curbside.

Call 810-444-9272 or send us a message today to place your order for a carton of eggs.

Why should you get your eggs from a farm?

Many people choose to get their eggs from local chicken farms rather than through larger chains. Farm-fresh eggs are simply better than the alternatives because:

  • Our chickens are raised in a more humane environment
  • Supermarket eggs can be up to two months old
  • Homegrown eggs are usually richer in color and easier to cook with
  • Studies have found that farm-fresh eggs have less cholesterol

We deliver our eggs to residents within a 50 mile radius of Lapeer and Genesee County.