Dine on Farm-Fresh Poultry

Dine on Farm-Fresh Poultry

Purchase non-GMO raised poultry through our farm

When you get your poultry from Ornery Rooster Farm, you never have to worry about the meat containing any kind of antibiotics or hormones. You can rest assured that our poultry is totally non-GMO raised and healthy to eat. Whether you're planning to fry it, bake it or roast it, you're sure to love the chicken you get from us.

Call 810-444-9272 or send us a message now to place a poultry order.

Feed your family fresh, non-GMO raised chicken

It's important to provide your family with high-quality chicken. We have a wide selection of free-range chickens which are given plenty of space to grow and stretch out.

You can order chicken whole or cut. Our chickens typically weigh four to six pounds and are available seasonally for delivery. We deliver up to a 50-mile radius of North Branch, MI. You can also choose our curbside pickup option to get your poultry.

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of free-range chicken.